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- W Ross Campbell (SOCAN)


There's a rotten apple in every platoon

'N' our police department in Saskatoon's got a son-of-a-bitch

He'll break the laws of human rights 

'N bust some head on a summer's night just to scratch his itch

He's riding on a psychopathic power trip

He's going for the Macho Moron championship

So watch out for this dangerous psych and

Thank God every cop's not like Bad Cop, John Bad Cop

Now, some cops work an 8 hour day

'N' next to plumbers they get lousy pay--don't get no tips

So if you're on the street downtown

Be careful you don't get shaken down just for kicks

If the Police Commission knew how John behaves every day

They'd cut off all his buttons & take his badge away

So watch out for this dangerous psych and thank God every cop's not like John Bad Cop

It seems to me there's nothing just about

Hunting 'round for teens  to bust--don't it make you sad?

This kind of guy should never be

Put in a position of authority--he'll abuse it bad

Each time we let a nut like him walk around as a cop

He'll mess up people's lives 'n' then the shit won't stop


Friends, many of you might ask yourselves:

"What can I do when faced with this kind of Injustice?"

Well, there's only one answer: Not a damn thing!

But even though we may feel powerless as individuals

There are certain universal principles

Which come to bear on scenes like this and give us hope

For while a Bad Cop'll never feel remorse

About illegal searches & the use of force

We can just let Karma take it's course

I'm talking about Karma, in it's own good time

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