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Album Personnel


AKA Ross Campbell
has hired many top musicians
over the years to fill out the ranks of

Allan Stein & Mairi MacLean, co-founders of Fat Chants with Ross in a prior lifetime, sing and play on Give My Heart To You and My Cup Runneth Over, along with Ken Hillaby, Farley Scott & Bill Mutual

Gib Wharton, celebrated New York pedal steel guitar player, generously agreed to round out the unusual "Hoedown Funk" groove on Dance on the Breeze, joining Edmonton stalwarts Sandro Dominelli, Chris Andrew, Mo Lefever & Mike Lent, who co-produced.


Eddie Patterson, now from Ontario, plays brilliant guitar-synth solos on Super Circuit Man and Whacha Doin' To Me, Video?

George Koller, from Toronto, holds down the fat swing groove along with Andrew Glover & Dave Bjarnson on Must You Use the Word, "Love"?


Dale Ladouceur & Bill Hobson put the bass & drum tracks on Entre Chien et Loup, a bi-langue song about Dusk: "The Hour Between Dog & Wolf". As well as arranging the string parts and playing the viola solo, Ross plays a modified Appalachian dulcimer, with extra frets for playing extended chords, built at David's Dulcimer Works in Alberta.

Norman McPherson, Brian Newcomb, Dave Pickell, & Kat Hendrikse, as well as Nancy Nash & Mary Saxton, Vancouverites all, make an appearance on Bad Cop Song, based on a true story. Ross's son, Riel

plays clarinet, with Ross on sax.


A Saskatoon contingent of  Skip Kutz, Duane Dorgan, David Brook & Steve Bengtson (of The Romaniacs) perform on Sandra, with Old Friend Connie Kaldor and Alan Kellogg, originally known for Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love In My Tummy, singing back-up vocals.

Thanks to all, & Happy SuperCircuitDreams!


is 100% Canadian content, and is available through most digital music outlets.

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