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Unrequited Love

I Want You To Know



This song is about a Lost Opportunity,

a Love Affair that almost happened

but just didn't quite Pan Out, for whatever reason.

The first verse ponders Past Mistakes & Regrets,

as one tends to do when mourning a Lost Relationship.


The Second Verse is purposely vague, even a bit mystical,

a mixture of old Images, Emotions & Occasions all jumbled together,

as they tend to be in one's mind at such times.

The verse ends early with the enigmatic question:

"Don't you know I know you think that I was Blind?"


Underneath all is a very Real if Unrequited Love

I Want You To Know
00:00 / 03:33

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Vancouver Keyboardist David Pickell uses his Rhodes Piano

to build a Gentle but Insistent Groove on top of

Ross Campbell's basic chords and carry the Listener

away into  Dreamland, where this song lives.

Brian "Nuke" Newcomb plays Fretless Bass,

with Kat Hendrikse on Drums & Alan Perkins on Percussion.

Later, Pickell brings his Prophet Five Analogue Synthesizer

into the mix to round out the Etherial Vibe.


If you REALLY like this song, please send Ross a couple of bucks to help fund his next album of Original Music, where your name will be included in the Credits, and you will become a Member of his

 Thanks a lot!

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