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Mistaken Love

Cold 'n' Callous

This swing tune is a Tongue-in-Cheek


Summation of a Relationship now coming to an End.



It's typical at such times to look back at


Factors that might have Impaired the Relationship


at particular times, and even apportion


Blame and/or Guilt to yourself


and/or to your "New Ex".

Cold 'n' Callous
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Ross Campbell on

Lead Vocals & Tenor Sax


George Koller on

Bass & Backup Vocals,

Andrew Glover on Piano,

Ian Birse on Guitar,

Dave Bjarneson on Drums,



Kennedy Jensen on

Backup Vocals.

(Ross's Private Note:

In a later rewrite, after this recording

was made, Ross took out the line

"Stay away from me or I'll punch you in the eye",

which he came to regret having written.)

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