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Denied Love

Your Smile Dogs Me Everywhere I Go









To quote a 60s Classic, 

"Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do!"

This song describes the mental and emotional turmoil


which often follows a sudden break-up,


especially a one-sided one.

Old shared habits and scenes can


still pop up in one's mind,


driving one to despair, and possibly to drink.

Ross got hooked on the concept of using the word


Dog as a Verb, then he got into an Animal Riff,


and the song just seemed to write itself from there,


with liberal input from Allan Stein & Mairi Maclean


who add some great jazz chords into the vocal mix.

Your Smile Dogs Me Everywhere I go
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If you like this song, you can




This Trio Version of Fat Chants,

Ross Campbell's early swing band,


Mairi Maclean on Rhodes Piano,

holding down both

bass lines AND chords, and


Allan Stein on Guitar


Fat Chants specialized in tight 3-part vocals.

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 Thanks a lot!

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