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Danceable Love

It's Not Over



How do you feel as you watch your lover

fly away on an international jet,

not knowing when you might meet again?

Mean words said in haste may ring in your head,

along with Pangs of Regret.

Future plans may Dissolve in a flash, and

Uncertainty may pull at the Heart Strings.

In amongst the Shock,

Huge waves of Love & Loneliness


may wash over you.

It's Not Over
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This song was recorded live at Danceland, one of

North America's last horsehair-sprung dance halls,


built at Little Manitou Lake on the Canadian


Prairies in 1927 to the day's highest standards.


The dance floor holds 400 dancers, and is a


separate structure resting on huge bales of horsehair,


which allow the floor to give an inch or so


to the beat of the band, while keeping

the dancers' feet as fresh as a daisy.



This mineral lake is great to swim in---

not only are the minerals good for your health,

but because it has three & a half times


the salt content of the ocean,


you cannot sink.




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