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Hoedown Love

Dance On The Breeze

Ross Campbell grew up in Calgary, known as Cowtown,

and he probably could have made a lot more money

with his music if he had just put on a Cowboy Hat and


played 3-chord country songs.


But that’s just not what he was driven to do.


However, being a violinist first, Ross always loved


the sound and the lilt of good old Hoedown Fiddles,


so he decided to add a Funky Bottom End

to create a new Hybrid Country Rock Groove


which he calls "Hoedown Funk".


Can you dig it? 

Dance On The Breeze
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Ross developed this unique


 “Hoedown Funk” Groove

with the help of

Celebrity New York

Pedal Steel Guitar Player

Gib Wharton,

Co-Producer & Bassist 

Mike Lent,

“Swampy” Drummer

Sandro Dominelli,


and Keyboardist

Chris Andrew,

Ross, of course, supplies the Fiddles.


Suitable for Line Dancing

or just Cutting A Rug

in your living room,

this song can get under your


skin & keep you

Grooving Along


By the way,

Dance On The Breeze


is also a

Sweet Love Song

listing all the Lovable Qualities


of a Wonderful Woman.

If you REALLY like this song, please send Ross a couple of bucks to help fund his next album of Original Music, where your name will be included in the Credits, and you will become a Member of his

 Thanks a lot!

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