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Ross Campbell with The FatBand - SuperCircuitMan and other retro relix

Ross Campbell with The FatBand is a band with a rather unique approach to their blend of funk, rock and alternative music.
Their recent studio effort is a full-length album titled “SuperCircuitMan and other retro relix”. Their music is really hard to predict and categorize within a single music genre. The opening track serves as a “lead-in” to the album, and it definitely sets the mood for the entire record with a cool retro funk twist. On “Give My Heart To You”, the combo explores classic reggae influences, with a groovy drum sound, deep bass, and catchy lyrics.
on “The Life”, the sonic concept shift towards 80s pop influences. I particularly love the clav riffs in the song, and the way it seamlessly interplays with the acoustic guitar strumming. This song is uplifting, playful and direct, with a truly unique feel.
On “Dance On The Breeze”, this album takes a rather unexpected twist, borrowing inspiration from folk and country music, while maintaining its unique pop sensibilities. I love the light-hearted feel of this song and the catchy lyrics.
The title track reprises the theme and feel of the introductory lead-in. The gang vocals sort of making me think of artists such as Captain Beefheart, yet the funk/rock vibes are absolutely infectious, echoing the work of artists such as Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Inventions.
On “Must You Use The Word “Love”, the combo explores yet another uncharted musical territory in this release, diving into some awesome swing/jazz influences and a rather humanistic set of lyrics. The diverse spectrum of the album broadens with “Entre Chien et Loup”, a moving folk ballad with some stunning atmospheres and with some unique melodies with a retro feel. The strings add depth and color to this mix’s folky influences.
Following number “My Cup Runneth Over” reprises the reggae themes, going for a gritty old school vibe and a powerful groove with some great rhythm guitar chops.
On “Whacha Doin’To Me, Video”, the band stretches their funk influences into a gleeful 80s pop sound. The bass tone is bright and massive, while the drums are particularly punchy and dance-floor friendly.
“Bad Cop Song” is a funk track that is also the hardest-hitting rock tune on this record. The up-front overdriven guitar tone makes me think of performers such as Cheap Trick or Huey Lewis, where melody and energy collide in equal doses.
“Sandra”, the last full song on the record, is built upon an infection funk groove, by the chorus will take you by surprise with a mellow chord progression that nearly reminds me of The Beatles - one of the most peculiar tracks on this album.
The lead-out reprises the album’s main Super Circuit Man theme and closes the curtains in style!

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Posted on: 7 August 2017

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