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Happy Domestic Love

My Cup Runneth Over

In this heavy reggae groove song, Ross uses a biblical title to describe his gratification at being in a romantic relationship in which
"She & I see eye-to-eye 'n' there's a child runnin' round on the floor".

Domestic Bliss is arguably one of the most sought-after outcomes in our culture, and can do a lot to counteract the ups & downs of the Outside World, "where the scene's getting bleaker each day..."

This song expresses the Joy of Parenthood.

My Cup Runneth Over
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I love this version of the FatBand cuz it includes Allan Stein & Mairi Maclean, my two former co-partners in Fat Chants, our original Swing Band.

Allan covers the back-up vocals with Mairi while he adds his distinctive masterful guitar licks.

Bill Mutual on Drums and Farley Scott on Bass provide an animated Bottom End, while Ken Hillaby has his wily way with his B-3 Organ, providing a Deep Groove for Dancers who like Reggae.

Ross adds a sax solo on his tenor.

If you REALLY like this song, please send Ross a couple of bucks to help fund his next album of Original Music, where your name will be included in the Credits, and you will become a Member of his

 Thanks a lot!

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