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The Inevitable Passing Of Our Youth





Rich or Poor, Happy or Sad, Clever or Not,


Male or Female or Non-Binary, we are all subject to the



Same Nagging Reminder of Our Mortality.


This is the Essence of the Theme of this song.



"So don't go playing Pontiff in no empty little church


When you know just what kind of fool thou art..."

The Inevitable Passing Of Our Youth
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Version of this song was

Produced by Ross Campbell & Claire Lawrence


at Pinewood Studios in Vancouver




Ross Campbell on Lead Vocal (as always)


Dave Pickell on Rhodes Piano


Norman McPherson on Guitar


Brian "Nuke" Newcomb on Fretless Bass  &


Kat Hendrikse on Drums


If you REALLY like this song, please send Ross a couple of bucks to help fund his next album of Original Music, where your name will be included in the Credits, and you will become a Member of his

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This is the version of the song which is on

The Ross Campbell FatBand
Vinyl LP

I'm Talkin' To You

Available @

As is common with Ross Campbell songs,

there is another naughtier version of

The Inevitable Passing Of Our Youth.

In the earlier

Version, featuring Tight Three-Part Vocals,

the second verse credits MaryJane with "easing the flow of Tim

If you read the printed lyrics for this song, you might notice

that they are from the Fat Chants version. 


Watch This Space

for an upcoming button to Hear or

DOWNLOAD the Fat Chants Version.


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