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Whacha Doin’ To Me, Video?


When Music Videos hit the scene, it caused musicians to ponder how to Up their Game by working video into their songs and their act.

This new Medium became the Message, so players used to the anonymity of the recording studio now had to learn to Step Out & Prance About, preferably with scantily-dressed women grooving along to the beat.

That transition is what this song is all about. Hopefully, you can Groove Along with it too!

Whacha Doin' To Me, Video
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Rock Solid Drummer Kathy Frost and Keyboard Man Robert Campbell drive this Mesmerizing Groove, with the Stellar Work of Funky Martin Mitchell on Bass and the Incomparable Eddie Patterson on Synth-Guitar adding Mind-Boggling FX! Add in Kathy & Martin's Backup Vocals  and Nifty Handclaps, & WHO can Sit Still?!?

If you REALLY like this song, please send Ross a couple of bucks to help fund his next album of Original Music, where your name will be included in the Credits, and you will become a Member of his

 Thanks a lot!

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