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Its Not Too Late To Be Hip



This song is about regular people caught up in their daily routines which may constrict their life choices. The second verse reflects how many women are constricted by outmoded sexist tropes.

It's Not Too Late To Be
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This song was recorded with my usual Friday Night Speakeasy version of The FatBand in Edmonton (It was "bring yer own booze" until the cops shut us down).

The next year, when I went to Vancouver to record my LP I'mTalkin' To You, produced by Claire Lawrence, I used the studio musicians at Pinewood Studios.

The night before the vocal sessions, in my hotel room, I suddenly thought to myself that the reference to being Hip dated the song, so I quickly rewrote the lyrics of the chorus to record the track as 
Are You Prepared For
Your Past?

Wouldn't you know it?!

The year after that was when The Tragically Hip started recording their first hits!

As a result, I've always regretted my hasty decision, & still prefer the Original Title.

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 Thanks a lot!

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