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I'm Talkin' To You

- W Ross Campbell (SOCAN)

Vs I

When you think there's no one Watching, do you turn your Garbage Loose?

When you find someone who's Weaker than you, do they Suffer your Abuse?

If you could get away with Murder, is that what you'd Do?


I'm talkin' to You... yuh, I'm talkin' to You...


Did you see it in the Paper--- what that Crazy Mother did?

She must have had a Helluva day--- she took it out on her Kid

But that Child don't have to keep it All Inside--- he's got his Victims too...

Anybody'll do... I'm talkin' to you...


When you Rise in the Morning, do you Don your Disguise

Do you talk to people Sideways--- and never Meet their Eyes? (I know you do)

You've got a Stranger living In your Head--- you'd better Find Out Who....

I'm talkin' to You... I'm talkin' to You...

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