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- W Ross Campbell (SOCAN)

Vs I

I was stuck in a Sardine Can when you came along with the Key

You Rolled me Back and Set me Free

Then you Rowed by in a Boat when I was Floundering in the Sea

You Reeled me In and Rescued Me

Now I know you've heard all of these before

You've heard these Same Old Cliched Metaphors

I was tied to a  Railroad Track without my Swiss Army Knife

You Flagged that Train and Saved My Life!

You Flagged that Train and Saved My Life!


I fell off of that High Trapeze with No Safety Net at all

You Rushed into that Ring, Baby, & Broke my Fall

Then the Brakes Failed on my Cadillac just when You had Hitched a Ride

You Dragged Your Feet---otherwise, we might've Died!

Now I'm sure you'll hear these Urban Myths again

These Metaphors that dwell inside My Brain

I was Sinking in Quicksand--- it was Up Around my Neck

You Drained My Swamp, Baby, and Took Me Home for Sex

You Drained My Swamp, and Took Me Home for Sex

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