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Must You Use The Word "Love"?

- W Ross Campbell


Must you use the word "Love"?

I know you're fond of me

You know I think the world of you

But when you use the word "Love" the time confuses me

And I forget I'm only passing through

Must you always say "We"?

As though we'll never part

As though I'll never say goodbye

And must I know when I leave

That you'll be torn apart?

Must you set yourself up just to cry?

Please don't misunderstand me

It's not that I don't feel 

That surge of warmth when you come in

 That signals something real

Come and lie down by my side

And put your lips to mine

And whisper to me what you're thinking of

But don't be shocked if I say

When you've been whispering

Darling, must you use the word "Love"?

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