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Don't Eat Nuthin' That You Can't Spell





In Olden Times, those with least resources, or Peasants,

were unable to afford bread made with refined flour,

so "peasant bread" was rough & brown


& necessarily whole-grain,


which, ironically, provided the body with


better nutrition than the


over-refined white bread of the upper classes.

Now, in our era of Corporate Consumerism,


so-called Wonder Bread rules, no doubt contributing to


our culture's "poor health outcomes".



This song addresses this state of affairs,


urging us to read product labels in search of preservatives,


food additives & other chemicals with tongue-twisting names



designed to maximize Profits, often at the expense of


Consumers' Health.

Don't eat Nothin' that You Can't Spell
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If you like this song, you can


was Ross Campbell's


early Swing Band with


Allan Stein on


Guitar & Backup Vocals,


Mairi Maclean on Rhodes


Piano & Backup Vocals,


Eric Leuke on Drums and


Darryl Goede on Bass

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