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The Lie

- W Ross Campbell

"Why, tell me why won't you take me along?"

I heard a young man call

He was speaking to a woman in a taxi-cab

'N' for a minute she said nothing at all

But the woman wasn't crying, just shaking her head

You could tell she was saying goodbye

Then she turned and she looked right into his face

And said "You never should have told me no lie!"


For a lie is for someone you don't really know

Or for whom you just don't care

Any lover of mine's gotta tell me the truth

If he lies, I don't wanna be there

Yes a lie is for a stranger or an enemy

Or a person who's putting you on

But you lied to the woman who was sharing your bed

And for that I'll be moving along


Well the man said "Baby, you can't leave now

I don't know what I'd do

I only lied for the sake of our love

And I really do love you!"

But the woman smiled hard and tapped on the glass

And the taxi started rolling away

She said "What kind of fool do you take me for?

That's a stupid thing to say."

(repeat chorus)

Would you lie to your brother when he's counting on you

Or your friend who's standing by?

You don't lie to your helper, or your Mother who taught you not to lie

You wouldn't lie to a blind man or a person who'd helped you to see

So why in the name of Sweet Love, Babe, did you have to lie to me?


(repeat chorus




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