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Give My Heart To You

- W Ross Campbell

I lead a half-life in No-Man's Land, I live between the walls

My mind has many mirrors and my house is full of halls

And I am very interested in what it is you do

And I would be prepared, My Dear, to give my heart to you



I wanna give my heart to you (rep x4)

Now you were born in riches and I was born in rags

And up to now we've always been in completely different bags

But here is where the change comes, from now on we'll be thick

Give me just your smile, Babe, and I will give you dick



I wanna give my heart to you (rep x4)

We have an agreement that we'll never go to church

But I know where I'd stand if you left me in the lurch

I'd curl up like a jellyfish and that would be my end

Keep me from that fate, Babe, and I will be your friend


I wanna give my heart to you (rep x4)

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