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My Cup Runneth Over

- W Ross Campbell


My Cup Runneth Over, I've got the love of a woman

I couldn't really ask for much more

She & I see eye to eye and there's a child

running round on the floor

I walk in the door from the outside world

where the scene's getting bleaker each day

My kid lights up and says "What's new, Daddy?"

and I just have to smile and say


My Cup Runneth Over--when you look at me,

it warms my heart up so

My Cup Runneth Over--just like the sun coming up,

you make me feel ready to go

My Cup Runneth Over--I've got the love that you give

to help me stay on track

My Cup Runneth Over--I'd have nothing if I didn't have you

I'm gonna give you all of my love back

Hey--Give you all of my love Ba-a-a-ack


Oh the way the world turns--sometimes I wish I was dead

I toss and I turn cuz I can't sleep--with all my worries

running round my head

I'm crying inside cuz I can't face saying goodbye to my youth

Then all of a sudden there's something you do

that brings me back to the truth


                 (repeat chor)

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