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Give My Heart To You
I lead a half-life in No-man's Land, I live between the walls
My mind has many mirrors and my house is full of halls
And I am very interested in what it is you do
And I would be prepared, My Dear, to give my heart to you
Yes, I wanna give my heart to you (rep)

Now you were born in riches and I was born in rags
And up to now we've always been in completely different bags
But here is where the change comes, from now on we'll be thick
Give me just your smile, Babe, and I will give you dick
I wanna give my heart to you (rep)

We have an agreement that we'll never go to church
But I know where I'd stand if you left me in the lurch
I'd curl up like a jellyfish and that would be my end
Keep me from that fate, Babe, and I will be your friend
I wanna give my heart to you (rep)

Entre Chien et Loup

Entre chien et loup, at the tail-end of the day

Before the lamp is lit, just as the sun has slipped away

We lie together here and now--I so love the very touch of you

This is our favourite quiet time when our love constantly renews

So hold me while the world is turning blue

Juste  entre chien et loup

Entre chien et loup, en anglais we call it dusk

As we let the fading light gently encompass us

Wanting you feels so right as our hearts & minds entwine 

The world's concerns now fade away

As we forget life's frantic pantomime

So kiss me while the world is turning blue

Juste  entre chien et loup

Entre chien et loup, we see ourselves that way

Ever faithful friends, affectionate & here to stay

But also wild & free when the moon comes shining through

A boundless passion flows through us

I speak your name & howl at your beauty too

'N' if there ain't no cure, then let's just try to make do

Et faire l'amour juste entre chien et loup

Entre chien et loup, a la fin de la journee

Avant d'allumer la lampe, apres que le soleil s'est retire

On s'allonge ensemble, j'adore tellement ton toucher

C'est notre moment de serenite

Quand notre amour est renouvele

Embrasse-moi pendant que le monde tourne au bleu et au flou

Juste entre chien et loup

So love me while the world turns hazy & blue

Ma Cherie, juste entre chien et loup

The Lie

"Why, tell me why won't you take me along?"

I heard a young man call

He was speaking to a woman in a taxi-cab

'N' for a minute she said nothing at all

But the woman wasn't crying, just shaking her head

You could tell she was saying goodbye

Then she turned and she looked right into his face

And said "You never should have told me no lie!"


For a lie is for someone you don't really know

Or for whom you just don't care

Any lover of mine's gotta tell me the truth

If he lies, I don't wanna be there

Yes a lie is for a stranger or an enemy

Or a person who's putting you on

But you lied to the woman who was sharing your bed

And for that I'll be moving along


Well the man said "Baby, you can't leave now

I don't know what I'd do

I only lied for the sake of our love

And I really do love you!"

But the woman smiled hard and tapped on the glass

And the taxi started rolling away

She said "What kind of fool do you take me for?

That's a stupid thing to say."

(repeat chorus)

Would you lie to your brother when he's counting on you

Or your friend who's standing by?

You don't lie to your helper, or your Mother who taught you not to lie

You wouldn't lie to a blind man or a person who'd helped you to see

So why in the name of Sweet Love, Babe, did you have to lie to me?

(repeat chorus)

My Cup Runneth Over
My Cup Runneth Over, I've got the love of a woman
I couldn't really ask for much more
She & I see eye to eye and there's a child running round on the floor
I walk in the door from the outside world
Where the scene's getting bleaker each day
My kid lights up and says "What's new, Daddy?"
and I just have to smile and say
My Cup Runneth Over
When you look at me, it warms my heart up so
My Cup Runneth Over
Just like the sun coming up, you make me feel ready to go
My Cup Runneth Over
I've got the love that you give to help me stay on track
My Cup Runneth Over
I'd have nothing if I didn't have you
I'm gonna give you all of my love back (rep)
Oh the way the world turns
Sometimes I wish I was dead
I toss and I turn cuz I can't sleep
With all my worries running round my head
I'm crying inside cuz I can't face saying goodbye to my youth
Then all of a suddon there's something you do
That brings me back to the truth
(repeat chorus)
Dance On The Breeze
It's the particular way you move your hands when you're talking to me
It's the magical glint in your blue eyes when you smile
It's your articulate mind & the way you look when you're in a book
It's the wonderful way that you let life happen
It's the affectionate touch of your hand on my arm of an evening
Your ephemeral glance & your quick wit which give me this feeling
Your elegant feet & the way they move when you're in a groove
It's the wonderful way that you let life happen
While we're making other plans
It's the wonderful way that you let life happen
You're the reason I breathe.
You are the reason I can dance on the breeze
It's you who I want to please
You are the only reason I can dance on the breeze.
It's your rhythmical phrase & your straight-on gaze
When you're telling a joke
Your generous soul when you host your friends
Or when you give me a stroke
The way you accept certain things about me that I can't change
It's the wonderful way that you let life happen
The far away look that you get in your eye when you talk about Spain
Your lyrical heart and that Gyosy cry and your steel-trap brain
The musical note that you give your voice when you're having a laugh
It's your "doctor whistle" when you're by yourself, running a bath
(repeat chorus)
An olive a day keeps the doctor away--so you said to me
You taught me the Mediterranean way (That's where we'd like to be)
Life for me began anew when I met you
One ripe olive at a time (repeat)
(repeat chorus)
Whacha Doin' To Me, Video?
Whacha Doin' To Me, Video? You make me into something else
I stretch, I preen, I can move, if you know what I mean
Baow Baow Baow Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh Bop Do-dit! (rep)

Whacha Doin' To Me, Video? You make me turn the other cheek
I slide, I jump, you can hear me in the night--I go bump
Baow Baow Baow Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh Bop Do-dit! (rep)

Whacha Doin' To Me, Video? You swing me to and fro
I strut, I prance, give me time and I'll learn how to dance
Baow Baow Baow Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh Bop Do-dit! (rep)
Must You Use The Word "Love"?
Must you use the word "Love"? 
I know you're fond of me
You know I think the world of you
But when you use the word "Love"
The time confuses me
And I forget I'm only passing through

Must you always say "We"?
As though we'll never part
As though I'll never say goodbye
And must I know when I leave
That you'll be torn apart?
Must you set yourself up just to cry?

Please don't misunderstand me
It's not that I don't feel 
That surge of warmth when you come in 
That signals something real

Come and lie down by my side
And put your lips to mine
And whisper to me what you're thinking of
But don't be shocked if I say
When you've been whispering
Darling, must you use the word "Love"?
Bad Cop Song
There's a rotten apple in every platoon
'N' our police department in Saskatoon's got a son-of-a-bitch
He'll break the laws of human rights 
'N bust some head on a summer's night just to scratch his itch
He's riding on a psychopathic power trip
He's going for the Macho Moron championship
So watch out for this dangerous psych and
Thank God every cop's not like Bad Cop, John Bad Cop

Now, some cops work an 8 hour day
'N' next to plumbers they get lousy pay--don't get no tips
So if you're on the street downtown
Be careful you don't get shaken down just for kicks
If the Police Commission knew how John behaves every day
They'd cut off all his buttons & take his badge away
So watch out for this dangerous psych and
Thank God every cop's not like John Bad Cop

It seems to me there's nothing just
About hunting 'round for teens  to bust--don't it make you sad?
This kind of guy should never be
Put in a position of authority--he'll abuse it bad
Each time we let a nut like him walk around as a cop
He'll mess up people's lives 'n' then the shit won't stop

Friends, many of you might ask yourselves
"What can I do when faced with this kind of injustice?"
Well, there's only one answer: Not a damn thing!
But even though we may feel powerless as individuals
There are certain universal principles
Which come to bear on scenes like this and give us hope
For while a Bad Cop'll never feel remorse
About illegal searches & the use of force
We can just let Karma take it's course
I'm talking about Karma, in it's own good time
What you saying, Sandra? Don't shove that shit at me
Come back 'n' be my woman like you used to be

Sandra, are you never gonna let me off the hook, my friend?
You know I never thought unkindly of you even when you had no use for me
Sandra, Please stop sending me quotations from some book you've read
There's no use in holding grudges--We only had to do what had to be
Stop me if I'm wrong, but I'm sad to say our Golden Day is over

Sandra, I still love to hear the fog horns Bounce round Horseshoe Bay
Every time I take a ferry--I think some day I'll walk up to your door
Sandra, I remember making love to you in Stanley Park
While the sun shone off the ocean--we used to sit for hours by the shore
But that was long ago and I'm sad to say our Golden Day is over
But that was long ago and I'm sad to say our Golden Day is over
(repeat intro)
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